Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jeweler's Showcase

The Jeweler's Showcase has bloomed into something unexpected. We are getting super traffic as far as I am concerned mainly because the site has only been up a month and there have been almost 1200 new visitors and over 4200 pageviews. Hoorah, I can say it's a success! And thanks to all the Home Based Jewelers who provided me with "good" links, great banners and text, you Jewelers Rock! Now it's up to the Jewelers to post their details under the comments to their post.

New subject: I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up.

There is a great amount of discussion about lack of traffic. I am a numbers person and firmly believe that if enough people see what you are selling someone in that crowd is looking for what you have. I've posted numerous articles and posts on my WebSitesWork blog about traffic and tools available to help you get the traffic you need. And like so many people that have said this before me, "it takes time and hard work" I am continually looking for ways to improve the traffic to my sites, and to the sites that I build. Enjoying the research helps too.

The "never give up" attitude is what sucessful people have, when they fall they get right back up and maybe start over again. As well, I am completely overhauling my Private Stock Jewelery website, I've changed this website to be wider (that took some doing, considering it's not my html and I didn't want the whole site to crash) and one other site that really needs updating. Yep, that is going to take some time.

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