Monday, April 19, 2010

PopKiss NYC presents: 3 Fun Jewelry Tips To Try This Season!


The hottest jewelry trends for Spring/Summer 2010 will be bright colors and bold accessories. It seems these days, the bigger the accessory, the better! And of course we all like accessories that can transition from day to night. Here are three fun jewelry tips to try this season.

Color! The two most wanted colors this season are turquoise and coral. As a matter of fact, turquoise was just voted pantone color of the year! Combining qualities of blue and green, it is an accent color with both warm and cool undertones and pairs beautifully with any other color. Coral is an almost orange color with a hint of pink undertone and looks great paired with neutrals. These two colors are popping up everywhere, from jewelry, to shoes, and even clothing.

Cocktail rings! These large and dramatic rings became popular during the US prohibition at illegal cocktail parties. Who knew?! The most popular cocktail rings today are embellished with large precious or semi-precious stones. They are the best statement maker while holding your glass of champagne at that super hip rooftop party in the city! With so many types to choose from, stack up on a variety! They are even a great fashion statement during the day!

Unique handmade jewelry! Each day people are getting more and more creative with their jewelry and taking a step to be more daring in the accessory pieces that they wear. Women love to wear new and dramatic jewelry that is different from what everyone else is wearing. A great way to search for unique fashion jewelry is to check out handmade jewelry. This is where designers can get creative. We have also been seeing a lot of costume jewelry made from fabrics. It just shows that not all jewelry has to be made from the traditional materials.

For years, people have been asking us where we get our unique costume jewelry. So we finally decided to bring it to you! Popkiss was launched straight from the streets of New York. The designers, Anna & Julie Reinberg, bring you handmade fashion cuff bracelets. These t-shirt accessories are knitted by hand from jersey fabric. The designers have come up with a great way to recycle their "I love New York" t-shirts by cutting and reassembling them into cuff bracelets. The two-toned Pop Cuffs are the most popular and come in various colors. To view color combinations please visit the Popkiss website or request a combination of your own. These really set off an outfit and are easy to wear!

Order your Pop Cuffs and cocktail rings at, join our facebook fan page ( or twitter us ( ) and make a statement this summer!

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