Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Jewelry Trend?

The more I read about jewelry trends the more I question the authority by which that news is written.  In New York, big color, big size, big money appears to be an on-going trend. The problem I see with that is first, not all of us like NY trends.

I just read an article about how New Yorkers are always (with emphasis on always) in style. I’m not trying to alienate New Yorkers but I don’t feel that is the fair representation of the vast majority of jewelry fashion today.  Ok, so if I live in the Midwest and I go out to the theater and wear a necklace that weighs more than I do, am I in style? Or do I want more sparkle hanging around my wrist than the chandelier?

As we are all individuals with individual taste a more practical attitude would seem appropriate from those reporting news about what the jewelry market trends are. After all there are thousands living in “small town” America.

Ok, what about a city like Portland, Oregon? The down to earth “keep Portland weird” types can be trendy, upscale and fashion conscious.  What Portlanders seem to appreciate more is the handcrafted wearable art and less is more types.

I have a habit of looking for what jewelry is being warn when I watch TV and I guarantee you that it isn’t that “in your face” or “look what I’m wearing” kind of jewelry. Oh sure, there is a couple of hosts that wear that type of jewelry but it isn’t the majority by any means.

I’d really like to see jewelry news report what is happening rather than being the advertiser for high end, runway type jewelry. I’d like to see HSN admit that their “one of a kind” jewelry piece has 10,000 replicas sitting in their warehouse waiting to be shipped!

 I think all of us who are self-representing home based jewelers should start our own, on-line jewelry news publication.

Rita Juhlin


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