Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tips for Choosing Your Engagement Ring

by Jessica Carter 

Every year we see a new engagement ring trend. We have seen everything from vintage engagements rings, to princess cut diamond engagement rings. This year, however, is the year of the fancy diamond and other gemstones. This is thanks, in large part to Kate Middleton, who has been donning her beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring. Just follow these tips and you will be able to choose the perfect center stone for your ring without so much as hiccup.
  • 1. Color: when choosing a ring that involves color, it is important to keep the person who will be wearing it in mind. If your fianc√© to be is not into bright colors, you might want to opt for something like a light pink or yellow, as opposed to a bright red or green.
  • 2. Durability: diamonds are a girl’s best friend in part because they are the strongest natural material on earth. Not all gemstones are as strong, pearls for example chip quite easily and are not ideal for a center stone. Do a quick check on the internet or with a jeweler once you’ve chosen a stone to make sure that it is durable and strong.
  • 3. Availability: when choosing a stone, making sure that the stone you want is widely available. Although fancy diamonds are increasing in popularity, their availability is not so widespread. This means that depending on what color you are searching for and what price range you have, you could have trouble finding the perfect center stone for your ring.
Have fun! Picking out an engagement ring is fun, picking out a colorful engagement ring is extra fun, so enjoy!

Jessica Carter has been in the jewelry industry for quite a while now, writing for http://www.diamondpriceguide.com/ as well as many other jewelry related sites on the web,
and now she has her own site, http://www.diamondclarity.info/, which is her area of expertise.


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