Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to wire wrap a briolette

If you want to have a really nice look to the wire wrapped briolette thread tiny beads on either side of the briolette. Why because the wire, usually very thin has a tendency to get out of shape. In other words it is ugly. Then after you connect the two wires by wrapping, put another tiny bead on the wire before you make your top loop. The reason is that the bottom wrap and the top wrap show way too much wire showing. The tiny bead will take the eye away from all of those wraps.

Briolettes can be tricky, start out using copper wire before you dive in to wrapping something to sell. Practice, practice, practice to make it near to perfect. And please, don't use the excuse "its hand made" for sloppy work.

This technique is duly noted in many "high-end" jewelry designer pieces. Kick it up a notch, go the extra mile and make your jewelry something better. Can't figure out why your jewelry isn't selling?

This video is good for learning the technique. The finished product is unacceptable for excellent craftsmanship.

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