Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Sale?

If you are like me you signed up for several newsletters to keep up on what’s new with an on line business, for me that’s jewelry making news. Are you as disappointed as I am? News, I think not. All I seem to get is barraged with announcements of another sale.

But are those sales a “good buy”? I don’t think so. Realistically I would say that those products are so over priced that even the on sale price isn’t really a sale price. I mean really, 10% for this or that can easily be understood as a sale price. But when you see 30% off consistently, I’m thinking that the regular price must be way over priced.

Wouldn’t it be nice if shop owners didn’t consider us as idiots? I mean really, price the merchandise at a fair mark up price on a regular basis and forget sending me daily and weekly sale emails, enough already! These sales are marketing gone bad, period.

For the number of regular and frequent “On Sale Now” emails I am getting, business must be really bad for those shops. Or, have those shop owners bought into the SEO’s email marketing sham; "how to drive traffic to your sight for only $ x@!!.oo

So what happened to the “news” letter I signed up for? Is venting the same as being negative? LOL.

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